Talk - Yasmin Alobhai-Brown: Exotic England

Tue 13/12/16 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Second in a series of talks on the theme of Diverse England.  Exotic England - the making of a curious nation with Yasmin Alobhai-Brown.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a professor at Middlesex University and currently writing for ‘I’ newspaper and the International Business Times.  She won the George Orwell prize for political journalism and has appeared several times on Question Time and other political programmes.  She is also a well-known commentator on various issues from immigration, feminism to Brexit.  She has recently published EXOTIC ENGLAND - The making of a curious nation.

‘The English may be duplicitous but they are remarkable too. The English unbutton their tight coats and release their audacious intrepid selves and venture out to unexplored territories” says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in her book ‘Exotic England’.  Unpicking England’s relationships with many parts of the Empire, Yasmin pulls few punches where criticism is justified.  Yet her England remains a nation in which she finds much of which to be proud and to celebrate.  Join us to hear Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's tough love letter to her adopted homeland.