The Henry VIII Show

Sun 13/11/16 11:30 am

Family theatre at Winchester Discovery Centre.

Drama, intrigue laughter. It's all here in The Henry VIII Show.

 In this unique show, Henry VIII tells his story with the ghosts of his Queens and principal courtiers coming back to haunt him. Ken, a volunteer at the local museum, is setting out a display of Tudor items for a lecture being given that day. He finds a hat that belonged to Wil Somers, Henry VIII's Jester, and tries it on. Suddenly there is a noise from outside, and a magnificent King Henry VIII bursts into the room shouting for Wil and demanding a drink.

After the show there is a lively question and answer session about the life and times of Henry and his court. Six children are invited to be one of the Tudors. Come and have your picture taken with the king!

Time Out Magazine's Critics Choice Funded by The Arts Council of Great Britain