The Buffalo Skinners

Thu 24/11/16 8:00 pm

The Buffalo Skinners are a songwriting collective based in Sheffield. Their music draws influence from 60’s Rock & Roll, Folk, Blues, Soul and whatever else happens to have made its way into their big red van recently.

"They just got the crowd going and had a roaring reception. Astonishing" - Janice Long, BBC Radio 2

" a confident and well-rounded release that encompasses 50s rock n roll with catchy acoustic driven Americana 8/10" - Americana UK

"Fantastic" - Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"Jolly Exciting" - Cerys Matthews, BBC 6 Music

""There's a maturity and complexity to the writing. Their songwriting clearly matters to them, their playing is watertight and they work together as a unit."" - R2 magazine