Animal Health Care in Early Modern England

Thu 27/10/16 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Inaugural Lecture by Professor Louise Hill Curth, University of Winchester

Professor Louise Hill Curth specialises in early modern English medical history, with a focus on the health and illness of animals. She is the founder and head of the University's Centre for Medical History. Her inaugural lecture will show how early modern medical beliefs and practices were based on ancient Greek ideas. She will examine practices such as those employed by 'animal healers', as well as the economic, moral and emotional reasons why animal health care not only existed but thrived in the ‘pre-scientific’ period before the founding of England’s first veterinary college in 1791.

Given by newly appointed professors, inaugural lectures provide a platform for them to inform academic colleagues, University staff, students and the wider community of their current and future research. Our inaugural lectures are free and open to all.

They start at 18.30, with light refreshments served from 18.00.