Heritage Open Days: Mathematical Tiles in Winchester

Sat 10/09/16 11:00 am

A walk and talk concerning a rare architectural feature called mathematical tiles. Hanging tiles which think they are brick. Concentrating on the 4 examples in the centre of Winchester.
A quote from Alec Clifton-Taylor (1907-1985), godfather of mathematical tile appreciation, "mathematical tiles intended to deceive and often did so with great success". They manage to hide for centuries , despite being in plain sight all that time. They first appeared in the Georgian era and a renaissance in the Victorian and still have a few new-build instances around the country.

Walk starts from outside the entrance to Winchester Museum.
I'll be wearing a high visibility orange fleece jacket, with some genuine  220 year old tiles to see up close and pictures of the 55 or so buildings around Hampshire with examples.

Easy pavement walking and all examples viewable from the street. If you have binoculars that will focus down to 20 metres, please bring them, as the signature of the tiles on the second and fourth example is somewhat subtle for the unaided eye, from the street.

Full walk is about 3/4 mile, anticipated time 2 hours including initial background talk ending up about 1/2 mile from the start.

I'll hand out outline walking route maps and reassembly points, so people can make their own way, in their own time, or cycling or driving if you wish.