Heritage Open Days: The Grange at Northington

Thu 08/09/16 10:00 am

On Thursday 8 September only, tours will be offered of the interior and exterior of the Grange (at no charge). The exterior is normally open, but the interior very rarely. The house is a 'roofed ruin', i.e. partially refurbished from a state of dereliction in 1975 when it passed into the hands of the Department of the Environment (and now English Heritage). A great Greek Revival house to outward appearance, inside the house is revealed as a lost masterpiece of the age of Charles II. The two architects had very different ways of interpreting the legacy of Greece and Rome. The current state allows this transformation to be glimpsed, and with it the stages of social history through which the house has passed.

Its latest phase has included the insertion of a small opera house into the former ballroom which forms a surprising addition to the tour.

This tour is not for the faint-hearted because the house looks like a disaster, and it can feel like a tragedy. However most visitors feel at the end that it has been a very interesting experience and one they cannot gain in many other places. They still need stout shoes and a watchful attitude - not all floors are still there!

Because this is an unstaffed site, there are no toilets.

Event not suitable for children under the age of 8.