Luke Concannon ( NIZLOPI )

Sat 04/06/16 8:00 pm

"Political, intense, angular, and beautiful...the guy who wrote the JCB song" - BBC
Radio 1
"His song ‘I want to be free’ is a song of the year for me" - Ed Sheeran

Luke Concannon is a singer-songwriter whose music has been described as ‘Motown-Folk’ due to the infectious and uplifting nature of the melodies and rhythms. Luke sings about the protest movement, family, intimacy and sometimes erotic camping. One of the most radical, authentic, passionate and soulful singers on the UK scene, he is most widely known for his UK No1 hit ‘The JCB song’ while in the duo Nizlopi (selling close to 1 million copies). The group pioneered the folk hip-hop sound that was so influential on the now mega star Ed Sheeran. Sheeran hails Luke as one of his heroes and mentions Nizlopi whenever discussing his biggest influences. Luke’s live shows are renowned for being interactive, fun, energizing events in which the audience are invited to sing, dance and sometimes take their clothes off! Luke has opened for Billy Bragg, Jamie Cullum and Christina Aguilera; and counts Hugh Jackman, Benjamin Zephaniah, Daniel Day Lewis and the late Tony Benn amongst his admirers.

In 2009 Luke hitch hiked from England to Palestine embarking on a life changing journey. After being found by a bear in the woods, taken in by a Turkish family (who’s hospitality inspired his first solo single ‘Around the World’) and volunteering as a peace worker in Palestine, the trip would prove to be the main source of inspiration for his first solo album ‘Give It All’. The record is a radical, passionate, full on folk album.

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