A Saxon Encampment

Sat 16/07/16 10:00 AM - Sun 17/07/16 5:00 PM

 Step back in time to 10th century England where members of Regia Anglorum, a living history re-enactment group, will be setting up their tents to recreate the atmosphere of a Saxon Encampment from around 900AD at Winchester North Walls Recreation Ground.
As you walk through the encampment, you will experience the day-to-day lives of these early Saxons and their families, discover the food they ate and how they prepared it, and find out how they made their clothes, the tools they used and more.
In the arena, there will be displays of Saxon weaponry, archery, warriors at training, plus a show-and-tell display called The Arming of the Warrior, all culminating in a staged display of military expertise. Arena events start on both days at 11:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:00pm.
A Saxon vessel will be moored on the River Itchen, which runs through the North Walls Recreation Ground. A sailing replica of the Gokstad Faerings, the vessel is a 20' Saexering, which you will be able to see alongside a Saxon maritime carpentry working exhibit and a fishing display.
With staged battles to see, sights and smells to experience, and Saxons on hand to answer questions from curious 21st century visitors, this is a fantastic and free living history weekend for all the family to enjoy.