Capabilities - the new currency for success in life - lecture

Tue 03/05/16 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

 Why we need to teach what really matters in the era of the so called EBacc and what it means for professional learning
Whether teaching in Primary, Secondary or Further Education in England it is easy to get distracted by the noise being generated by an over-emphasis on knowledge in a small number of ‘core academic subjects’. In today’s complex world, while we need to know some things
we need, more importantly, to be curious, creative, collaborative and committed. Bill will draw upon research and promising practices from the UK and Australia to exemplify some different approaches to teaching and professional development which may be fruitful.
Professor Bill Lucas
Bill is Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning (CRL) and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester. Founded with Professor Guy Claxton in 2008, CRL focuses on better understanding dispositions for learning – what they are, why they are important and how they can be cultivated in pupils and staff. CRL’s ground-breaking research in this area has recently been
published by the OECD, City & Guilds and the Royal Academy of Engineering. He is also, with Philip Pullman, a Patron of the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford.
Bill travels extensively to present key notes, most recently in Melbourne, Philadelphia, Helskinki and Qatar. He is a prolific researcher and writer, and has authored and co-authored more than eighty books and papers. His most recent book, written with Guy Claxton, is Educating Ruby: what our children really need to learn.

Reception 5.30pm - 6pm. Lecture 6pm - 7.30pm