An evening 'Behind the Lens' at Marwell

Wed 04/05/16 6:45 PM - 9:30 PM

 Enjoy an exclusive evening ‘Behind The Lens’ and experience the world of wildlife
documentary film-making.
Jamie McPherson was a principle cameraman on the recent ground-breaking BBC
documentary series 'The Hunt’, and will explain the techniques used to achieve the
incredible footage of this series – including the outstanding wild dog sequence that he
filmed in the Liuwa, Zambia.
Specialist natural history researcher Sophie Lanfear will provide an insight into her
working life. Both Jamie and Sophie will explain the difficulties of researching new
wildlife ‘events’, the realities of life on the shoot and the challenges they face in the
field, the type of equipment they use and the adaptations they need to make to it, and
also provide a thorough description of the journey the footage they film makes from the
field to our screens.
Namibia's Skeleton Coast is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth,
with everything from soaring dunes and plains to deep canyons, mountains, saltpans
and freshwater springs. Nick Joynes will provide an overview of this incredible
destination where he first met Jamie last November when filming desert adapted
elephants for a forthcoming 2019 documentary.