Dalek Invasion: Dr Who theme weekend

Sat 09/04/16 9:30 AM - Sun 10/04/16 5:30 PM

 Watch out for a Science Centre invasion, as Dr Who characters, actors and enthusiasts
travel to the Science Centre from around the UK for a full weekend of activities.
Meet characters from the Dr Who Universe during this busy weekend of shows,
displays, hands-on science and strolling costumers, and see the Science Centre as you
have never seen it before!
There is no additional charge for the activities.
***Who will be there? Daleks!***
It's never 100% possible to confirm other specific characters' attendance, but it is
strongly expected that the 2nd, 3rd and 7th Doctors, Missy, K9, Captain Jack
Harkness, Cybermen and UNIT soldiers will be roaming the venue. Also possible
appearances by a Sontaran, SIlurians, Autons, the 5th Doctor, Clockwork Droids and
The Foretold Mummy.
These characters are played by members of the Charity Dalek Squad, and will vary
during the days due to costume changes and rest breaks. Please be aware some
younger children might be wary of the masked characters.
In addition, actors who appeared in the series can be met at their stands (see below).
This event is expected to be very popular and so pre-booking is recommended.
Car drivers please check parking options before travelling. Full details may be found on
the Easter Holidays Information page. Options include use of a free Park and Ride bus
(with parking charge refund), free on-site parking for Blue Badge / Gateway Card
holders and those just seeing a planetarium show, or paid on-site parking (pre-booking
recommended as spaces are limited).