How can Generation Z learn law? - lecture

Wed 04/05/16 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

 An Inaugural Lecture by Professor David Chalk.

Generation Z will soon be in the university classroom. Is there anything really that
different about Z’s and if so what does it mean, if anything, for learning the law? This is
the generation that is in problem solving mode, used to instant gratification, instant
feedback and instant opportunity to go to the next level, always on, 24/7 and exposed
to high levels of visual stimulation. This is not about their use of technology. It is about
how they learn.
This lecture will begin to scope the question ‘How (can) Generation Z learn law?’ by
looking at what is known about Z’s, looking at what is known about law and learning
the law and then looking for questions that put the two together.
David is Professor of Law, was the founding Head of Law at the University of
Winchester from 2006 to 2009 and the architect of the University’s successful skills
based law programme launched in 2008. He has taught law at undergraduate level for
over 35 years and has taught at Masters and professional level and is currently part of
a research team funded by the Legal Education Research Network (LERN) looking at
the use of digital learning resources. David is an established presenter and
commentator in the field of civil litigation and costs; his book Risk Assessment in
Litigation - Conditional Fees, Funding and Insurance has been cited in the Court of
Appeal. He is a consultant to DAS LawAssist and to Commercial Litigation Funding Ltd
and an executive member of the Commercial Litigation Association