Babies and Children First Aid

Tue 15/03/16 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

 A comprehensive insight into first aid for children, and includes CPR training.
Babies and Children First Aid is specifically designed to give you the confidence to deal
with situations where your child becomes ill and you need to take action prior to
qualified medical help becoming available. Whether you are expecting your first child or
already have a family this course is designed with you and your children in mind. The
course will teach you how to identify a condition and take the necessary action where
an immediate response can save lives, and includes comprehensive baby CPR
The following conditions are included during the course:
• Unconsciousness
• Non-breathing
• Choking
• Febrile convulsions
• Meningitis
• Anaphylaxis
• Asthma
This course is a combination of theory and practical and upon completion candidates
will have gained the knowledge and confidence to identify and respond to a variety of
infant life threatening conditions.
All candidates will receive a bespoke handy quick guide to the main life-threatening
incidents upon completion.
Other locations and dates available on request.