Jude Evans - The World of Children's Picture Books

Tue 09/02/16 7:30 PM - 9:45 PM

The writer and publisher Jude Evans is the speaker at the February meeting of the Hampshire Writers’ Society.

What do the following have in common: 'Silly Dizzy Dinosaur', 'Sammy the Shy Kitten' and 'What’s the Time Clockodile?' Yes, they are all children’s picture books published by Little Tiger Press, and Jude Evans is the publisher of the Little Tiger list. (A particular favourite here might be the eponymous hero of 'Dirtie Bertie', ‘the boy with nose-pickingly disgusting habits’.) The world of children’s picture books is what Jude will be talking about this evening; as a publisher she is committed to developing new authors.

All are welcome to attend.