Flute Fiesta! Concert

Sat 19/03/16 7:00 pm

Enjoy a flute-astic evening with Flautissimo, the Southampton Flute Orchestra, Lisa Nelsen and Trevor Wye's world famous Carnival Show.
Trevor Wye has been presenting his Carnival of Venice Variations for more than thirty five years throughout the world. The Carnival begins with an introduction to the instruments. The Variations include two of Mozart's Magic Flutes, piccolo, a Scandinavian flute, Mexican pottery flute, the bansuri, panpipes, a paper flute, bicycle pump, a 750 years old ocarina, double flageolet, the very rare triple flageolet, a human tibia, an ocarina, The Cindy Flute, a gemshorn, a parrot flute, a Tzi-Tzu, a vegetable carrot, a Thumpy, flute damour, sopranino recorder, a snake, pipe and tabor, a flötlein garklein, baroque flute, alto and bass flutes, flageolet, a frog, a rack of 16 small flutes, 7 whistles, an electronic chromatic flute, and several other electronic flutes. The Variations include music by Bach/Gounod, Briccialdi, Genin, Godard, Grieg, Wye, Scott, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Sousa, Saint-Saens, Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert, Weber, Mozart, Alford, Rachmaninov, Benson, Rossini, Mendelssohn and Hieronymous Bloggs. The electronic flutes were made by Trevor Wye; the piano arrangement by Robert Scott.
Flautissimo was founded in 1984 by Robin Soldan to encourage proficient flautists in and around Southampton to gain experience in ensemble playing. The "flute orchestra" was the first of its kind to be run in Hampshire; the inaugural concert was on the 28th of March that year. The original seven students from Regent's Park School and six from St Anne's School were soon joined by many others. Today the flute choir numbers around forty members and includes school pupils, university students, local teachers and amateur adults all of whom enjoy performing great music to a high standard.