An (Old) Brave New World: Religion and Human Rights in International Law in the 21st Century

Wed 17/02/16 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

An inaugural lecture by Professor Anat Scolnicov.

In her inaugural lecture Professor Anat Scolnicov will explore the nature of humanity
within legal systems.  What constitutes human?  Does this influence what constitutes a
human right?  And how are these abused?

Before joining academia, Anat was an attorney for Association for Civil Rights in Israel
working on civil rights legislation with a specialization in freedom of speech, freedom of
information, privacy and freedom of religion and conscience.  As well as being a
member of the Israel Bar, she was the Director of Studies in Law and College Lecturer
in Law at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University and Deputy Director of the
Centre for Public Law at Cambridge University.