10 things every startup owner should know - seminar

Thu 31/12/15 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

If you're considering setting up a startup or you're already an owner of a budding  company, it's essential that you know some things before you jump into the business.
You'd be surprised how many startups fail because their owners never recognize the
importance of getting informed on key aspects of their audience, market and product.
Join the team of BizDb.co.uk experts to discover what ever startup owner should know
to bring their venture into success.
Here's a list of tips which will be covered in detail during the seminar:
- Learn the secrets of time management
- Know your target audience
- Know your product
- Keep the cash flow going
- Keep your spendings low
- Learn to manage your resources in most effective ways
- Always invest in marketing
- Develop killer organization skills
- Always have scalability at the back of your mind
- Test your product at the right moment