Juno and the Paycock - theatre

Sat 12/03/16 - Sat 19/03/16 7:45 pm

 The Boyle family is struggling for survival in a tenement room during the Irish Civil War. “Captain” Jack Boyle - the “peacock” of the title - spends his time avoiding work and drinking with his sidekick, the ne'er-do-well Joxer, while his wife Juno tries to keep her family together. With the news of an unexpected inheritance life seems about to change for the better and the Boyle family celebrates this good fortune with the help of their neighbours. The hilarious philosophizing of Joxer and the Paycock and the courage and strength of the women in the face of misfortune have made this play one of the classic dramas of the 20th century.

12 - 19 March at 7:45pm
Matinée 2:30pm on 19 March

No performance Sunday