Saturday Night at the Planetarium - Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

Sat 14/11/15

Special live presenter-led show, "Astronavigation" and 360 degree full-dome film,"Ancient Skies".

Saturday night planetarium events, including a new live show each month and premium 360 degree fulldome films.
The special, live show is presented twice each evening: the 6pm showing is more suited to families (ages 8yr+) or beginners, while the 8.10pm show is aimed at adults who would like more detailed information about the topic.
THIS MONTH'S SHOW: 'Astronavigation'. The stars provide fixed points against which location can be plotted. How have peoples used these through history to find their location and navigate through featureless oceans?
THIS MONTH'S FULLDOME FILM: 'Ancient Skies'. A documentary exploring ancient cultures' relationships with the skies, rediscovered through the monuments they have
left behind. This fulldome film features stunning 360 degree timelapse footage from mesolithic and neolithic sites across the UK and Ireland, and interviews with the archeo-astronomers who are trying to unravel their mysteries. This show is best for adults and older children due to the documentary style.
The minimum age for entry is 4yr, although the live shows in particular are not recommended for such young children. They will be required to listen quietly, so please think carefully before bringing any child under 8yr.