Saturday Night at the Planetarium - Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

Sat 17/10/15 6:00 pm

Special LIVE presenter-led show, "The Rocky Planets" and 360 degree fulldome film,
"Dinosaurs at Dusk"

Special LIVE presenter-led show, "The Rocky Planets" (1hr inc. Q&A, 6pm & 8.10pm).
Saturday night planetarium events, including a new live show each month and premium 360 degree fulldome films.
The special, live show is presented twice each evening: the 6pm showing is more suited to families (ages 8yr+) or beginners, while the 8.10pm show is aimed at adults who would like more detailed information about the topic.
THIS MONTH'S SHOW: The Rocky Planets: a tour to visit the smaller worlds of the solar system.
THIS MONTH'S FULLDOME FILM: 'Dinosaurs at Dusk' is the story of a teenage girl and her father who explore the past to discover the evolution of dinosaurs into modern day birds. Travelling by a variety of off-road vehicles across an ever-changing planet,
there is plenty of visual variety to keep the interest of younger children, while older children and adults enjoy the explanations and facts that are given about the animals and the environment they inhabit.
The minimum age for entry is 4yr, although the live shows in particular are not recommended for such young children. They will be required to listen quietly, so please think carefully before bringing any child under 8yr.

Showings at 6pm and 8.10pm