From Earth: Prototype A

Tue 15/09/15 10:00 AM - Fri 18/09/15 5:00 PM

A lo-fi sci-fi installation set in the B-movie space-ways of Dissent.
The Laboratory of Dissent is a 5 week exhibition that explores Chantal Mouffe’s essay ‘Artistic Activism and Agonistic Spaces’ as a starting point for collaboration. During their Week 4 turn, CAS artists David Dixon, Helen Northcott, Peter Driver and Leanne Renshaw will be creating an interactive sci fi installation.
Entering a gallery space configured and divided into Propositional Zones derived from the Mouffe text, participants will be invited to engage with a series of encounters. They will be taken through a discursive maze that both parodies and engages with the notions of dissent and its academic context. Working with the notions of narrative and game, a context is laid of linearity, rules, permissions and choices of engagement.
Throughout the encounter, the visitor will be placed in a position of choice and dilemma!