Return to Ginchester - explore Britain's gins and learn about G&Ts!

Sat 14/11/15 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

 If you've already attended the Welcome to Ginchester or World Gin Day events, you'll know that there's so much to discover it can't be covered in  just one session!
Book your place today and:
- Enjoy a Cabinet Rooms cocktail on arrival
- Learn more about the contemporary gin craze and the new craft gin movement
- Gain insight into the various regional British gins and the range of botanicals used to
make them so different
- Explore different styles of gin with a guided tasting through five gins made with
different production processes
- Hear the fascinating history behind the much loved Gin and Tonic
- Make your choice from a selection of the Green Man's impressive range of gins and
start your evening with a G&T you perhaps haven't tried before!