Family Sundays – What to Do When You Find a Dinosaur

Sun 18/10/15 11:30 am

 Everybody likes digging, right? Maybe you use a spade, or just your hands, until you discover something. Perhaps it's a stone, or an old toy, or that biscuit you'd been saving. Or maybe, just maybe, it's …a dinosaur!
In 1824 an eccentric scientist, William Buckland, discovered a bone from a creature that no one had ever seen before. He named it the Megalosaurus, and he was desperate to tell the world about it. Are you ready to join him when the amazing dinosaur story first begins?
Oxford Playhouse presents the UK's very own pre-historic story in this boneshaking, music-making, silly show which will make history come alive.

Ages for everyone aged 4 and over and their families