Chalk: time, sense and landscape - A Symposium

Sat 17/10/15 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

This one-day international symposium explores our relationship with landscape. In an interdisciplinary mix of practice and theory, sound artists, scientists, architects, writers and filmmakers offer new perspectives on landscapes beyond and beneath the visible.
Speakers include Keynote address: Prof John Levack Drever (Goldsmiths); Prof Paul Whitty (Composer); Michael Welland (Geologist/Author); Guy Sherwin (Film Artist); Dr Nick Thorpe (Archaeologist); Ian Rawes (Field-recorder/Archivist); Dr Karen Fielder (Architectural Historian/Conservationist); Dr Sebastiane Hegarty (Sound Artist); Sally Ann McIntyre (Radio/Sound Artist).

Part of 10 Days 2015 Chalk