Saturday Night at the Planetarium

Sat 25/07/15 8:00 pm

 Special LIVE presenter-led show, "From Space Rocks to Pluto - the small stuff" (1hr
inc. Q&A, 6pm & 8pm).
Asteroids, comets and dwarf planets offer a window into the past of our solar system -
from protecting ancient materials to giving clues as how the planets formed. They may
also play an important part in our future. Meet the smaller stuff of our solar system and
hear the latest news from the New Horizons mission to dwarf planet Pluto - the first
spacecraft ever to visit this mysterious object.
July's 360 degree full-dome film is "Back to the Moon: for good" (7.15pm, 24min).

Please be aware the Science Centre and cafe are closed for these events, although a
small snack bar is available. It is recommended to aim to arrive no more than 20
minutes before your showtime to avoid having to spend extended time waiting in the
foyer area.