Saturday Night at the Planetarium

Sat 27/06/15 6:00 pm

 Special LIVE presenter-led show, "The Search for Life: getting closer" (1hr inc. Q&A,
6pm & 8.10pm).
For the first time in history, a Mars robot is being built with the primary purpose of the
detection of alien life. Meanwhile, over 1800 distant exo-planets have been discovered
orbiting other stars. Could this be the generation that discovers alien life? Find out how
astronomers and astrobiologists are trying to answer one of the biggest questions: are
we alone?
June's 360 degree full-dome film is Natural Selection (7.15pm, 40min). Join the young
Charles Darwin on an adventurous voyage of exploration circumnavigating the world on
the HMS Beagle.
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information on this event.
Please be aware the Science Centre and cafe are closed for these events, although a
small snack bar is available. It is recommended to aim to arrive no more than 20
minutes before your showtime to avoid having to spend extended time waiting in the
foyer area.