FitFest 2015

Fri 10/07/15 9:45 AM - Sat 11/07/15 3:30 PM

Want to be fit and healthy in mind and body but don't know where to start?

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental
Health Services (CAMHS) in cooperation with colleagues from Hampshire Supporting
(Troubled) Families, Hampshire YMCA, Winchester University, Hampshire County
Council Participation, Early Help Hub, The Hampshire Cultural Trust, and Healthwatch
Hampshire are organising an event on 10th & 11th July 2015 called “Fit Fest”. This
youth event to be held at The University of Winchester, will be an inclusive event for all
young people and their families across the County. This opportunity will focus on a
non-stigmatising normalising style programme that is in line with other non-mental
health style activity that young people engage with, such as festivals. The title itself
seeks to reduce fear, stigma and promote a sense of normality.
1. To engage young people in taking an active part, interest and responsibility in their
own holistic wellbeing.
2. To provide information in a way that is engaging and non-threatening.
3. To present information that recognises young people’s physical, spiritual
psychological, and emotional health and the contribution that each component has on
their positive mental health.
4. To engage young people and families in an event that is fun, inspirational and
5. This responds to recent feedback from young people who have requested more
information that supports their wellbeing and what other organizations could support
The format of the festival will be as follows:
Market stalls:
These will have the appearance of a festival style event. The stalls will cover a
wide range of issues and be represented from a wide range of organisations and
services, both the “everyday” and the specialist. This will be inclusive of
demonstrations, “freebies”, taster sessions and opportunities to try. 
Taster workshops
Rolling workshops and taster sessions that can be pre-booked or accessed on the day. This will be for young people and families to attend as relevant and appropriate.
Throughout the event the intention is to have demonstrations and performances from a
variety of bands and performance artists that would be entertaining and inspirational.
It is hoped that there will be young people at the event who would be available for
informal conversations as relevant with young people at the event.
ICE TALKS (Inspire, Challege, Excite)
These inspirational talks, similar in style to “TED Talks” will seek to inspire, Challenge
and excite young people and families around a number of different themes. These talks
will be a maximum of 15 minutes.
Specilaist Presentation Workshops
Eating issues & disorders
Anxieties and worries
Coping with exam nerves
Managing social media