Getting the best from your volunteers - National Volunteering week

Wed 03/06/15 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Training for organisations working with volunteers.
Volunteers are an increasingly valuable resource and key stakeholders in promoting
your work in the wider community. Are you getting the best from your volunteers, and
are you aware of your legal duties towards them?
This session will cover how to manage and motivate your volunteers effectively, best
practice regarding documentation and training, and will include practical case studies
and a question and answer session.
This training will cover:
managing volunteers effectively
how to motivate, reducing turnover
how to deal with disputes
how to end a volunteering relationship
volunteer rights and your legal duties
the legal status of volunteer workers, and how to distinguish volunteers and employees
what documentation, policies and training should be provided
practical case studies
examples of best practice
the chance to ask about your current challenges .
The training is delivered by Sue Heath-Caldwell, An experienced Volunteer Centre
Manager who is currently manager of a new innovative volunteer project the
Winchester Advice Project.