Berlioz: Grande Messe Des Morts

Sat 20/06/15 7:30 pm

Southampton Philharmonic Choir and Southampton University Philharmonic perform
Berlioz: Grande Messe Des MortsBerlioz.

Described his Grande Messe des Morts as “architectural music” - and what better venue to showcase the expansiveness of this huge work than the longest nave in Europe; that of the Cathedral.
In addition to a vast chorus and orchestra, Berlioz’s score calls for sixteen timpani and four brass ensembles. At the 1837 premiere in Paris, these explosions of percussion and brass must have convinced the listeners that the heavens themselves were breaking open around their heads.

The Grande Messe des Morts is remarkable both for its grandeur and for its thoroughly original concept of sound and space and the relationship between the two.
This spellbinding setting of the Requiem text transports the listener through movements of rage, terror, confusion and hope, exploring the realms of human emotion invoked by death itself, and finally resolving in a choral plea for eternal peace.