Concert by Band of HM Royal Marines

Wed 25/11/15 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Concert by the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines School of Music.

Once again we are delighted to present this enormously popular concert.  The Royal
Marines Band Service is the professional music service of the Royal Navy and Royal
Marines and has an international reputation for the quality and variety of music
performed.  “What we do isn’t just for Queen and country; it’s for the effectiveness of
the Royal Marines in the field, for the morale of the troops, the entertainment of the
public – and the development of some of the country’s finest young musicians.”
Rigorous musical training at the Royal Marines School of Music in Portsmouth
accompanied by their signature precision marching has seen them perform at
prestigious venues and events across the UK and around the world…including annual
appearances in Denmead!  The finalé of this concert will be the presentation of an
award to the top candidate from the Bandmasters Course - a year’s intensive study
which will gain the students an externally validated M(Mus).  Come and enjoy an
unforgettable evening of superb music ranging from classical pieces to military band

This concert is ALWAYS a sell-out so buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment!