Environmental Permits

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 requires certain industrial installations to obtain an environmental permit before they are allowed to operate. Facilities requiring a permit range from roadstone coating plants, to animal feed mills to car body paint shops. Some facilities require a permit by definition, whilst others only require a permit if they exceed specified criteria, such as throughput, amounts of solvent used etc. These were amended significantly by the The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Ammendment) Regulations 2013. There is no official consolidated version.

A list of those facilities issued with a permit, or those with an application pending, is available from this web page by viewing the Public Register below.

The environmental permitting regime is split into three categories and is regulated by two different regulators:

  • Part A(1) - The Environment Agency

    The Environment Agency regulates what is considered to be the most polluting of the three industrial categories, A(1) activities. These are regulated for multi-media emissions to land, air and water and includes other environmental considerations.

  • Part A(2) and Part B - Local Authorities

    Local Authorities regulate the comparatively less polluting A(2) activities for multi-media emissions and the lesser polluting Part B activities for emissions to air only. They also permit certain solvent and incineration process introduced by the Industrial Emissions Directive such as "small waste incineration plant".

    The exact requirement for each installation is set out in a series of Guidance Notes. These are available on gov.uk. If you think you may require a permit you are advised to contact us to discuss further.

    All applications must be accompanied with the appropriate application fee, made payable to Winchester City Council. In addition, all permits attract an annual subsistence fee. These fees are reviewed annually and can also be found on the same DEFRA website .

    All relevant application and variation forms are also available to download below in Word or PDF format. This includes specific simplified forms for Reduced Fee Processes (Dry Cleaners, Small Waste Oil Burners and Vehicle Refinishers).

    Currently Hampshire County Council act on behalf of Winchester City Council for all petrol vapour recovery processes. If your issue relates to such installations then please contact  Hampshire County Council Trading Standards (Petroleum Licensing)

  • Fees

    Both an initial application and annual subsisitence fees are charged at set national rates. These can be found on the gov.uk