Three Maids Motocross

This page provides guidance to local residents regarding the Three Maids Motocross site near Winchester. If you have any comments or suggestions please E mail

The site has a new operator and now trades under the name of Route 34. The activities taking place on the site remain the same as those performed previously. For more information on the new operator click here to see their web page.

Planning Permission

This site has planning permission and a copy  can be downloaded from this page. The planning permission contains many different conditions including those aimed at limiting both noise and dust impacts on the local area. The hours and times of motocross use are restricted by condition 6 and in summary this allows activity to take place on Wednesdays and a restricted number of Saturdays/Sundays.

There is also additonal low noise impact usage allowed on the site. Currently the most common of these events is the Yamaha Off Road Experience .


A dust management plan has been agreed and can be downloaded from this page.


As part of the planning permssion the site operates under an agreed noise management plan. This, with a subsequent addition, can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Complaints of noise on the day can now be logged with the new site operator on 07860 727441.

Please be aware that we are not expecting that the site will be inaudible at all times in the local community.

Race Meets

Most of the motocross activity on the site will be Open Practice, where individuals turn up and pay to use the track. Full race days are restricted to 12 per year. 

Complaints procedure

Initially noise/dust complaints should be logged with the site operator on 07860 727441.

You can of course always log problems with us either by emailing us at or phoning 01962 840222 and speaking to our customer services team. Please provide the following information:

  • Your name and address,
  • Nature of complaint and when it occurred,
  • Whether you have already contacted the site operator.

We cannot promise to respond to every individual complaint but we promise all complaints will be logged and investigated where necessary.