Flood Alleviation Scheme – Water Lane, Winchester

Flood Wall

Winchester City Council (in conjunction with Hampshire County Council and the Environment Agency) implemented a permanent scheme to replicate the sandbag wall that was erected along Water Lane during the flooding incident in February 2014.

A small (dwarf) wall has been constructed in this location which will provide flood protection if the river overflows in this location in the future. 

The height of the wall is around 400-500 mm high and the length of it is approximately 171 metres.

As part of the scheme, the highway drainage has been altered to prevent water backing up from the river on to Water Lane. In addition, we are taking measures to prevent water from the river overflowing on to the northern part of Water Lane where the railings are situated.

It is hoped that the wall and additional measures will protect all properties in Water Lane should any future flooding situation occur.