Latest Sand Bag Removal Advice

Sandbag collection in the Winchester district

Following a prolonged period of better weather which has allowed water levels to return to near-normal levels, the City Council is preparing arrangements for the collection of sandbags that were deployed during the flood response in the Winchester district.

This work is being carried out in conjunction with the countywide recovery group and is progressing alongside other clean-up operations.

The timing of this operation is important. The Council and the public have needed to be patient and listen to advice from the Environment Agency on the correct timing. This exercise is a logistical challenge due to the large number of sandbags deployed and the variety of locations which, for the Winchester district, makes the task very widespread. There are at least 13,600 sandbags spread across 50 separate locations.

Working with Hampshire County Council colleagues, the City Council has agreed a final ‘disposal’ point where the sandbags can be opened and where the sand can be washed and then re-used.

The sandbags will be collected using either skips of varying sizes or grab-lorries. The Council is currently finalising arrangements to transfer the sandbags into the skips where required.

Because of the scale of the operation the Council will contract out much of the work, although its own streetcare team will collect smaller quantities where skips would be inefficient for the purpose.

The public will be asked not to fill the skips with other items which may render the sand unusable. Contractors will shovel up any sand from split bags at the same time, after which the Council will arrange for roads to be swept by its street-cleaning contractor as required.

The Council has a long list of the sites where sandbags were deployed. Work is in hand to establish which areas will be dealt with by Hampshire County Council and which by the City Council’s streetcare team so that the finishing touches can be put to the collection programme. The collection process is due to start around Monday 7 April.