Flood Recovery

City Bridge in Winchester

The extreme wet weather conditions over the winter period have caused widespread problems for communities across the Winchester District. Although the emergency response was effective and well received, there are still many homes and businesses which have suffered adverse effects directly or indirectly from the floods. 

For specific flooding enquiries please contact us at floodhelp@winchester.gov.uk

See the Flood Relief Support Options flowchart to understand the process of each scheme and grant.

See Hampshire County Council's 'After the floods' section which includes all the schemes available in the Hampshire area. 

A number of national organisations and groups have produced flood guidance and lists of approved companies that deal with flood protection and resilience. These include:

This is not an exhaustive list but you may find it useful to consult these organisations before submitting a grant application or when arranging for work to be carried out at your property.

Please note that the Council is not responsible for the content of the websites of these organisations or any lists of approved companies or contractors.