Cool Communities

Cool Communities: working together for a low carbon world

Cool Communities provides an enjoyable way to help people save energy and cut their carbon footprint by working in small Eco-groups with their neighbours, colleagues or community group. People work together to reduce their carbon footprint – to cut down on the polluting greenhouse gases that lead to global warming and climate change. The programme demonstrates that when individuals act collectively, they can make a significant difference. Its development was kindly supported by Winchester City Council.

  • Handbook

    At the heart of the programme is the Cool Communities Handbook, a comprehensive yet easily digestible resource that guides you through all possible changes you can make to your lifestyle, home and behaviour that will lower your impact on the planet. Whether you’ve already spent time lowering your carbon footprint or you’re new to the idea entirely, there is something for everyone.

  • Linking the global and the local

    WinACC launched Cool Communities during the United Nations 2015 Paris Climate Conference, which aimed to achieve a legally-binding, global agreement to cut emissions and keep global warming below 2°C. The Cool Communities programme links the global need for action with the local communities of Winchester. It is designed to enable us to do our share and make a real difference in Winchester district.

    WinACC would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in taking part. All you need are enthusiasm, a bit of time and an interest in making some lifestyle changes. The information you need can be found at