District Election Results May 2016

Following the District Election that took place on Thursday 5 May 2016, the political make-up of the Council is as follows:

Conservative: 25
Liberal Democrats: 20

Turnout: 43.41%
Total votes cast: 38,142
Electorate: 87,861

Following the Boundary Review in 2015, each ward was up for election in 2016. There are 16 wards with 45 councillors.  Wards elect either two or three councillors each.  Elected councillors are listed in bold type.

Alresford & Itchen Valley St Bartholomew 
Badger Farm & Oliver's Battery St Luke
Bishop's Waltham St Michael
Central Meon Valley St Paul
Colden Common & Twyford The Worthys
Denmead Upper Meon Valley
Southwick & Wickham Whiteley & Shedfield
St Barnabas Wonston & Micheldever

Alresford & Itchen Valley

Candidate Party Result
DIVALL Keith Eric Liberal Democrats 1180
GORDON-SMITH Russell Digby Liberal Democrats 1162
GOTTLIEB Kim Alexander Conservative 1686
GRIFFITHS Lisa Suzanne Conservative 1720
HAYES Lee Arthur Labour  197
JEFFS Ernie Conservative 1658
LEPPARD James Edwin Labour 150
POWER Margot Julia Liberal Democrats 1425
WIGHT Ian Duncan Labour 245
Turnout 49.54%

Badger Farm & Oliver's Battery

Candidate Party Result
BELL Eleanor Liberal Democrats


DICK Gavin Craig Conservative 1231
DUCKER Rob Conservative 1305
LAMING Brian Leslie Liberal Democrats 1350
REES Alun Glyn Labour 203
REES Peter Labour 207
ROMERO John Louis Liberal Democrats 1198
TETTMAR Jonathan Paul Labour 161
WARWICK Jan Conservative 1386
Turnout 49.70%

Bishop's Waltham

Candidate Party Result
ACHWAL Sudhakar Kedareshwar Liberal Democrats 230
CLOUGH Laurie Labour 313
HAINES Steve Labour 353
HOUGHTON Thomas Liberal Democrats 393
HUMBY Rob Conservative 1169
JAKUBOWSKI Steven John Labour 274
MCLEAN David Charles Leon Conservative 1165
MILLER Stephen Charles Conservative 1146
STONEHAM Benjamin Russell Mackintosh Liberal Democrats 378
YOUNG Vivienne Angela UKIP 347
Turnout 36.46%

Central Meon Valley 

Candidate Party Result
CAMPBELL Sheila Liberal Democrats 678
EVANS Stan Labour 273
GEMMELL Linda Eileen Elizabeth Conservative 1473
GRAFT Alexander Jon Labour 253
MITCHELL Leslie Thomas UKIP 453
PEARSON Frank Richard Conservative 1576
SCRIVEN Margaret Liberal Democrats 533
STONEHAM Anne Kristine Mackintosh Liberal Democrats 454
WARDROP Nicola Ann Labour 252
WESTON Vicki Conservative 1529
Turnout 41.20%

Colden Common & Twyford

Candidate Party Result
BROWN Paul James Labour 128
COOK Sue Conservative 782
CRITCHER Sonia Frances Labour 122
HALLMANN Julia Ellen Green Party 146
IZARD Richard Charles Liberal Democrats 1094
JOHNSTON Robert Liberal Democrats 573
REES Maureen Anne Conservative 554
Turnout 43.86%


Candidate Party Result
BROOK Caroline Lorraine Conservative 1188
CARROLL Jacqueline June Labour 219
DELLA MORA Steve Labour 184
NEGUS Andrew Liberal Democrats 433
READ Mike Conservative 1429
SORENSEN Claire Louise Labour 387
STALLARD Patricia Grace Conservative 1400
WERNICK Simon Paul Liberal Democrats 278
Turnout 34.44%

Southwick & Wickham 

Candidate Party Result
BROWN Mags Conservative 384
CLEAR Angela Liberal Democrats  1002
CUTLER Neil Richard Liberal Democrats 826
DABBS Leon George Conservative 352
EVANS Therese Liberal Democrats 890
GRAY Gary Allan Labour 99
HARRIS Paul Francis Labour 80
LANDER-BRINKLEY Neil Harold Conservative 279
NORGATE Ian James UKIP 229
SONY Paul Thomas Labour 83
Turnout 37.50%

St Barnabas 

Candidate Party Result
BERRY Eileen Mary Conservative 1395
FIELD Adrian John Paul Labour 293
FIELD Hannah Valentine Labour 307
HOFFMAN Kezia Melissa Louise Winchester Independents 661
JOHNSON Cameron Thomas Strachan Liberal Democrats 1089
LEARNEY Kelsie Liberal Democrats 1406
TWELFTREE Paul Charles Conservative 1317
VALENTINE Tessa Susan Labour 274
WEIR Anne Helen Liberal Democrats 1378
WILKINSON Angie Conservative 1112



St Bartholomew 

Candidate Party Result
BURNS Rose Conservative 832
CLEMENT Lucy Emma Green Party 517
COKER-DAVIES Michael Frederick Independent 461
CRUDGINGTON David James Conservative 466
EAST Kathleen Frances Alice Labour 441
ELKS Nicki Liberal Democrats 737
FALCONER Sue Conservative 563
GOSLING Clive Malcolm Labour 474
HARRISON Rhian Louise Green Party 327
HISCOCK Dominic Charles Alan Liberal Democrats 926
MASON Lawrence Andreas Leslie Labour 340
WILKS Michael Green Party 426
WILLIAMS Paul Stephen Liberal Democrats 667
Turnout 43.63%

St Luke 

Candidate Party Result
ADAMS Andrew Timothy Labour 157
DAVIES Patrick Labour 247
GREEN Derek Liberal Democrats 590
JAMES Tomos Owain Winchester Independents 102
MARSHALL-JAMES George Edward Conservative 117
POPE Kia Robert Green Party 76
SAMPSON Harry William Conservative 145
SCOTT Jamie Robert Jonathan Liberal Democrats 732
Turnout 39.67%

St Michael

Candidate Party Result
ASHTON Guy Julian Claude Conservative 1054
BANKS David Liberal Democrats 357
BARTON Dinah June Caroline Green Party 352
BERRY Janet Mary Labour 680
ELKS Michael Christopher Liberal Democrats 439
HARRISON Tasha Green Party 248
HIGGINS John Liberal Democrats 474
MARTIN Judith Mary Winchester Independents 624
MATHER Fiona Marion McMillan Conservative 1129
MONTGOMERY Sharon Mary Labour 514
PARKER Robert Green Party 293
TAIT Ian Donald Conservative 1041
TETTMAR Nicola Dawn Labour 457
Turnout 44.14%

St Paul

Candidate Party Result
BARRATT Karen Labour 496
BEARD George Frederick Conservative 724
DUNLOP TC Winchester Independents 385
FOX Nigel Labour 419
HALFPENNY Kerry Anne Conservative 702
HUTCHISON Liz Liberal Democrats 1174
INGRAM Lee Michael John Green Party 265
MORRIS Jonathan David Labour 320
RUSSELL Steve Conservative 616
THOMPSON Lucille Diane Liberal Democrats 1008
TOD Martin Paul Niebuhr Liberal Democrats 1055
Turnout 44.57%

The Worthys

Candidate Party Result
CARTHEW Richard Labour 159
CROFTS Tom Conservative 557
HOWELL Stan Conservative 607
HUTCHINSON Catherine Mary Labour 170
PALMER Matt Conservative 642
PORTER Jackie Liberal Democrats 1257
PRINCE Malcolm Liberal Democrats 1049
RUTTER Jane Liberal Democrats 1150
TORKINGTON Kimberley Jane Labour 218
Turnout 47.74%

Upper Meon Valley

Candidate Party Result
DAY Chris Liberal Democrats 319
NORTH Lewis Liberal Democrats 286
O'SULLIVAN Peter Labour 265
RUFFELL Laurence Conservative 1010
THACKER Amber Charlotte Brooke Conservative 1134
TUGWELL Joe Labour 198
Turnout 41.34%

Whiteley & Shedfield

Candidate Party Result
ACHWAL Vivian Sudhakar Liberal Democrats 801
BAKER Andy Conservative 710
BENTOTE Roger Liberal Democrats 747
BUTLER Malcolm Douglas Andrew Independent 110
COLEMAN Anne Green Party 150
FERN Jonathan Andrew Liberal Democrats 677
HUXSTEP Roger Charles Conservative 751
PICTON-JONES David John Henry Labour 113
STAPLES John Pendrell Labour 83
TOWN Cynthia Theresa Conservative 628
WALBRIDGE David Gerrard UKIP 212
WEST Anne Christine Labour 109
Turnout 39.62%

Wonston & Micheldever

Candidate Party Result
BYRNES James Barry Conservative 1552
DE PEYER Antony Francis Labour 278
GODFREY Stephen Robert Conservative 1719
GORDON Ian Liberal Democrats 592
HORRILL Caroline Conservative 1612
JAMES Richard William Labour 314
MIDDLETON Melanie June Labour 393
TOMS Katy Liberal Democrats 653
Turnout 45.88%