District Election Results May 2012

The political make-up of the Council is as follows:

Conservatives - 29
Liberal Democrats - 25
Labour - 2
Independent - 1

TOTAL - 57

The Council is a Conservative administration led by Councillor Keith Wood.

Bishops Waltham Ward

Conservative Gain

Candidate  Party Result
HAINES Stephen Labour 282
MILLER Stephen Charles Conservative 1024
STAINTON Roy Sydney Liberal Democrat 379

Turnout 31.29%

Boarhunt & Southwick Ward

Liberal Democrat Gain

Candidate Party Result
COOPER John Conservative 217
CUTLER Neil Richard Liberal Democrat 302
RUDGE Pamela Margaret Labour 23

Turnout 52.36%

Colden Common & Twyford Ward

Liberal Democrat Hold

Candidate Party Result
CRITCHER Sarah Jane Labour 174
FISHER Roly Conservative 573
MASON Peter Liberal Democrat 1052

Turnout 41.35%

 Compton & Otterbourne Ward

Conservative Hold

Candidate  Party  Result
BELL Eleanor Liberal Democrat 668
LEPPARD James Edwin Labour 64
SOUTHGATE Mike Conservative 872

Turnout 48.07%

Denmead Ward

Conservative Hold

Candidate  Party Result
PICTON-JONES David John Henry Labour 185
READ Mike Conservative 1242
SCRIVEN Margaret Liberal Democrat 209

Turnout 29.86%

Kings Worthy Ward

Liberal Democrat Hold

Candidate  Party  Result
FULLAWAY Elaine Mary  Labour & Co-operative party 145
JOHNSTON Robert Liberal Democrat 755
JONES Ann Conservative

Turnout 41.63%

Littleton & Harestock Ward

Conservative Gain

Candidate Party Result
BOISSEAU Will Labour 114
BYRNES James Barry Conservative 711
TOWSON Ian Liberal Democrat 632

Turnout 50.56%

Olivers Battery & Badger Farm Ward

Liberal Democrat Hold

Candidate  Party  Result
LAMING Brian Liberal Democrat 902
QURESHI Hum Labour 156
WHEELER Leanne Gina  Conservative

Turnout 45.81%

Shedfield Ward

Conservative Hold

Candidate  Party  Result
BENTOTE Roger John Liberal Democrat 178
GEMMELL Linda Eileen Elizabeth Conservative 691
HAYWARD Pat Labour

Turnout 33.39%

St Barnabas Ward

Liberal Democrat Hold

Candidate  Party Result
OSBORNE Helen Caroline Conservative 1018
WEIR Anne Liberal Democrat 1066
ZIEGLER Tania Paula Jeanette Labour

Turnout 47.78%

St Bartholomew Ward

Liberal Democrat Hold

Candidate  Party  Result
ARCHDEACON Denis John Joseph Labour 216
BURNS Rosemary Conservative 646
MAYNARD Jim Liberal Democrat 821
WILKS Michael Green Party 377

Turnout 41.52%

St John & All Saints Ward

Candidate  Party Result
BERRY Janet Mary Labour 682
CUTLER Candice Conservative 301
GUNTRIP Adele Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 31
HICKS Adrian Independent 158
HIGGINS John Liberal Democrat 324

Turnout 32.6%

St Luke Ward

Conservative Gain

Candidate Party Result
GOSLING Clive Malcolm Labour 333
GREEN Derek Robert Conservative 547
THOMPSON Lucille Liberal Democrat

Turnout 32.21%

St Michael Ward

Candidate  Party Result
AYRES Tony Liberal Democrat 598
COOPER William Labour 221
SANDERS Robert David Conservative 1047

Turnout 35.8%

St Paul Ward

Liberal Democrat Hold

Candidate Party Result
FALL Alexis Conservative 442
FOX Nigel Labour 300
TOD Martin Liberal Democrat 899

Turnout 34.24%

The Alresfords Ward

Liberal Democrats Hold

Candidate Party Result
COOK Simon Liberal Democrat 1273
GRIFFITHS Lisa Suzanne Conservative
WIGHT Ian Duncan Labour 152

Turnout 46.75%

Whiteley Ward

Liberal Democrat Hold

Candidate Party Result
ACHWAL Vivian Sudhakar Liberal Democrat 423
KING Sheena Labour 68
THEW Pat Conservative 249

Turnout 31.06%

Wickham Ward

Liberal Democrat Hold

Candidate Party Result
DIBDEN Caroline Alison Sarah Conservative 339
EVANS Therese Liberal Democrat 874
RUDGE Robert Labour 72

Turnout 38.32%

Wonston & Micheldever Ward

Conservative Hold

Candidate  Party Result
ADAMS Andrew Timothy Labour 225
KESTON David Liberal Democrat 288
LIPSCOMB Barry Conservative 1153

Turnout 37.55%

 Winchester District Overall Turnout = 38.76%