Expenditure over £500

In 2010 the Government called on Councils to begin to publish information about spending above £500.

As of April 2011 Winchester City Council began publishing details of expenditure over £500 using a website hosted by Spikes Cavell.  This facility was used until the end of March 2013 and data can be found using the link below.


Since April 2013 the published data for the Council's expenditure over £500 can be viewed from the links below.

Spend over £500 Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Document
Q1 2013-14 xls csv pdf
Q2 2013-14 xls csv pdf
Q3 2013-14 xls csv pdf
Q4 2013-14 xls csv pdf
Q1 2014-15 xls csv pdf
Q2 2014-15 xls csv pdf
Q3 2014-15 xls csv pdf
Q4 2014-15 xls csv pdf
Q1 2015-16 xls csv pdf
Q2 2015-16 xls csv pdf
Q3 2015-16 xls csv pdf
Q4 2015-16 xls csv pdf
Q1 2016-17 xls csv pdf
Q2 2016-17 xls csv pdf
Q3 2016-17 xls csv pdf
Q4 2016-17 xls csv pdf
Q1 2017-18 xls csv pdf

An Excel spreadsheet showing spend details over £500 for a full year can be downloaded from the links below:

Full Year Data for 2013-14        Full Year Data for 2014-15       Full Year Data for 2015-16