Winchester City Council's Constitution sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that both of these processes are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by law, while others are a matter for the Council to choose.

The Constitution is divided into sixteen Articles which set out the basic rules governing the Council's business. More detailed procedures and codes of practice are provided in separate rules and protocols at the end of the document.

This electronic version of the Constitution is a large PDF file, which has been split into separate sections for ease of downloading.

Part 1 - Summary and Explanation

Summary and Explanation

Part 2 - Articles of the Constitution

Articles of the Constitution

Part 3 - Responsibility for Functions

Section 1 - 5
Section 6 (Scheme of Delegation to Officers)

Part 4 - Rules of Procedure

Council Procedure Rules
Access to Information Procedure Rules
Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules
Cabinet Procedure Rules
Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules
Financial Procedure Rules
Contracts Procedure Rules
Officer Employment Procedure Rules

Part 5 - Codes and Protocols

Code of Conduct for Members
Restrictions on Voting - Statutory Provisions
Protocol for Member/Officer Relations
Protocol on Planning Matters
Protocol for Members of the Licensing & Regulation, and Appeals & Disputes Committees
Protocol regarding the Receipt of Gifts and Hospitality
Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy
IMT Security Policy and Conduct
Employees Code of Conduct
Protocol on Member Participation in Grant Aid Applications

Part 6 - Members' Allowances Scheme

Members' Allowances Scheme

Part 7 - Management Structure

Management Structure

Part 8 - Local Guidance Notes

Members Charter
Guidance regarding serving on Outside Bodies
Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests - Guidance on Notes
Chairman's Guide to Procedure at Meetings
Role Profile - Members Information
Guidance on Member pages on the Council's Website
Council Procedures - Frequently Asked Questions
Guidance to Members - Councillor Call for Action
Petition Scheme