Major applications approval/permission rate

Why and how do we measure this data?

The Council is focused on making good planning decisions and seeks to work with applicants and other interested parties to achieve positive outcomes where possible. Hence, the Council is interested in how many applications it is able to approve as a percentage of the whole. Whilst it is not possible, or indeed desirable, to permit all applications the Council is keen to grant development which helps meet the needs of people who live, work and visit the District, whilst protecting the quality of the built and natural environments.

What information can I see?

You will find the information below, both embedded in the web page, in this case as a spreadsheet and a chart, and also available to download in several formats at the bottom of the page.

The information on this page is updated quarterly.


As the name implies this category relates to large scale developments and covers a range of proposals such as housing schemes (10 or more dwellings) and commercial and other schemes involving more than 1,000 square metres of floor space.  During 2015/16, the Council has been able to approve 76.32% (81.48% in 2014/15) of major applications determined which will help support economic growth and provision of housing and other facilities across the District.

Last updated: 14/02//2017
Portfolio Holder: Cllr Vicki Weston
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