Number of unemployed claimants (18-24) as a percentage of working population

Why and how do we measure this data?

The number of unemployment claimants is a useful, if crude, proxy for the general health of the local economy. From this data, we can make assumptions about the local workforce, and the amount of jobs available in the area. This in turn can lead us to assumptions about the health of local businesses, although we mist recognize that the public sector is also a large employer in this area, not just private businesses.

Unemployment figures do not reflect any one specific area of the Council’s work, as so many factors influence unemployment rates. However, it does help us, and our partners, to focus on the needs of local people.

A copy of this page including the chart and data can be downloaded in PDF format from the available downloads below.

The data is collected nationally on a monthly basis.

What information can I see?

You will find the information below, both embedded in the web page, in this case as a spreadsheet and a chart, and also available to download in several formats at the bottom of the page. The most recent published data is for July 2017.

Comments: Winchester’s unemployment claimant rate continues to be significantly below the national average.  

Last updated: 31/08/2017
Portfolio Holder: Cllr Rob Humby
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