Footfall on the lower high street

Why and how do we measure this data?

Winchester Business Improvement District has situated a number of sensors to monitor footfall across the city centre. The data below relates to the Lower High Street only, and is used as a proxy for footfall across the centre of the city. The sensors do not capture every individual walking past, but rather the general movement across the sensor.
This data is measured to give us an idea of how busy the High Street is. This is especially relevant for monitoring shopping activity, particularly when linked with information from retailers. It also provides useful information about how busy the city centre is during key events, eg Hat Fair. The data is most useful when monitored over time, and the same months across a number of years can be compared. 

What information can I see?

You will find the information below, both embedded in the web page, in this case a spreadsheet and a chart and also available to download in several formats at the bottom of the page.

The data on this page will be updated monthly with the most recent data available being for April 2016. 

A copy of this page including the chart and data table can be downloaded in PDF format from the available downloads below


The figures show that footfall figures overall increased by approximately 7% during 2014 when comapred to 2013.

Officers continue to monitor this data identifying trends as they occur. 

Last updated: 02/02/2017
Portfolio Holder: Cllr Rob Humby
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