Average number of working days lost due to sickness absence

Why and how do we measure this data?

Employee absence can be a significant cost to a business. It is therefore important that the Council monitors the levels of sickness absence with the average days lost due to sickness per employee to ensure that over time sickness and absence trends are identified and addressed, so we make the best use of the resources available to the Council.

Sickness Absence Full Time Equivalent (FTE) days per employee is calculated by taking the total number of days absence over the month and dividing by the average number of FTE over the same period.

What information can I see?

You will find the information embedded in the web page below, use the tabs to switch between the chart and the spreadsheet.

The information on this page is updated monthly. The next available data will be will be after 15 September 2017. 

A copy of this page including the chart and data table can be downloaded in PDF format from the available downloads below. Copies of the data table can also be downloaded in a number of popular formats including xls, csv and pdf.


The average sickness absence per employee has remained fairly consistent during 2016/17 and was at an average of 6.3 days per member of staff for the year, which is slightly higher than the figure for 2015/16 which was 5.8 days.  

The Council monitors sickness absence very closely with regular reports provided to senior managers and Personnel Committee.

Following the introduction of the revised Sickness and Absence Policy additional training has been undertaken to support managers in managing sickness and absence within their teams.

Last updated: 31/08/2017
Portfolio Holder: Cllr Stephen Godfrey
Contact email: performance@winchester.gov.uk