Throughput of attendances across the District’s Health Walks Scheme

Why and how do we measure this data?

This performance measure reflects a key SPAA Sport & Physical Activity Alliance partnership priority which focuses on increasing the amount of adults that are physically active across the district. Although Winchester has good percentages of physically active adults the Health Walks scheme engages with an older and more sedentary population. The data will be recorded by the Council’s Sport & Physical Activity Team through attendance registers.

It will be reported on a quarterly basis and our target for 2017/18 is to reach an annual total of 5,600 attendances.

What information can I see?

You will find the information embedded in the web page below, use the tabs to switch between the chart and the spreadsheet. The information is also available to download in several formats at the bottom of the page.

The latest available data relates to Q1 (April to June 2017). Q2 data will be available after the 30 September 2017.

A copy of this page including the chart and data table can be downloaded in PDF format from the available downloads below. Copies of the data table can also be downloaded in a number of popular formats including xls, csv and pdf.

Last updated: 31/08/2017
Portfolio Holder: Cllr Lisa Griffiths
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