Ethnicity & Religion

Ethnicity & Religion

Ethnicity & Religion


Although around 92% of Winchester's population is 'White British' (approximately 10% higher than the England & Wales average) there are a number of different minority groupings within the district.

People from an Asian background (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Chinese) are the largest of these groups totalling 2,639 people or 2.3% of the total population.

The various tables and charts below provide more detailed information about these different ethnic groups in Winchester.


In common with the rest of the country the proportion of the population that is Christian has declined since the 2001 census. From 76.2% to 63.2% for Winchester and from 71.7% to 59.3% for England & Wales.

Whilst the proportion that has no religion has increased. From 15.9% to 27.3% for Winchester and from 14.8% to 25.1% for England & Wales.