Census 2001

Results from to 2001 Census can be viewed below. This set of web pages provides details of the results for the Winchester District Council area.

The results are derived from the information collected from the Census forms. Specimen copies of the Census forms are available on the National Statistics website ( www.statistics.gov.uk ). All questions included in the 1991 Census were included in the 2001 Census with the exception of questions relating to usual address and whereabouts on Census night. However, the response categories in some questions, such as ethnic group were updated. There were also new questions on general health, the provision of unpaid care, time since last paid employment, the size of work force at place of work, supervision of employees, lowest floor level of accommodation and a voluntary question on religion.

The Census questions that were asked of all people covered: Additionally, questions for those aged 16 to 74 covered (where applicable):
Sex, date of birth and marital status Qualifications and professional qualifications
Relationship to others in the household (where applicable) Economic activity and employment status
 Whether schoolchild/student Number of employees at place of work
Country of birth Occupation and industry of employment
Ethnic group Address of workplace
Religion (voluntary) Means of travel to work
Health Hours worked
Provision of unpaid care

This first set of tables are defined as 'Key Statistics' and provide information at a district wide level only. The ONS plan to release information for ward and smaller areas of population during June or July 2003.

This set of approximately 30 tables, covers the range of Census topics in an easily accessible format. The topics covered in the tables relate to education, health, households, transport, work, and the condition of the general population. Percentages and counts are provided.

For some topics, additional variables have been derived from a combination of responses to a number of questions. Examples of such derived variables are the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification and living arrangements within the household.

Clicking on the following links will take you to the relevant information in PDF format.

KS01 usual resident population
KS02 age structure
KS24 migration

KS07 religion
Family and Health
KS03 living arrangements
KS04 marital status
KS08 health and provision of unpaid care
KS20 household composition
KS21 households with limiting long term illness
KS22 lone parent households with dependent children
KS23 communal establishment residents
KS15 travel to work
KS17 cars and vans

KS05 country of birth
KS06 ethnic group

KS09a economic activity all people

KS09b economic activity males
KS09c economic activity females
KS10 hours worked

KS11a industry of employment all people
KS11b industry of employment males
KS11c industry of employment females
KS12a occupation groups all people
KS12b occupation groups males
KS12c occupation groups females
KS13 qualifications and students
KS14a NS-SeC all people

KS14b NS-SeC males
KS14c NS-SeC females

KS16 household spaces and accommodation type
KS18 tenure
KS19 rooms amenities cent heat and lowest floor level