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What does it do


In 2007, central Government required the Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams to better engage with local communities to gain an insight into the community’s crime and disorder concerns.

The Teams were therefore required to establish Safer Neighbourhood Panels, made up of local people to assess local concerns and establish policing priorities for each area.  Consequently the Winchester Safer Neighbourhood Panel was established through Winchester City Council’s Winchester Town Forum.

The Panel’s priorities should be set with limited police influence and should take into account the crime statistics provided by the Safer Neighbourhood Teams prior to the meeting.

The Police should ensure that the priorities are achievable within available resources.

Once identified, the Panel’s priorities can be feed into the Community Tasking and Co-ordinating Group (CTCG) by the Safer Neighbourhood Teams.  CTCG is a Group, administered by the City Council, which brings together community safety partners such as the local authority, street wardens and housing managers to improve community safety.


The Winchester Safer Neighbourhood Panel works with the Police to set the top three policing priorities for Beats 1, 2, 3 and 7 around the Winchester town area.

A map of these areas is available to view by clicking here.

These beats fall within Hampshire Constabulary’s Winchester West Sector and, within that, the Safer Neighbourhood Teams of Winchester City, Northgate and Southgate.

Further information about these Teams, including who works for them, is available from:


The Panel should be made of local people who live and/or work in the area or are involved in charitable work or business and have a close connection with the area.  The Panel should try to attract a wide range of people to ensure that it is representative of the whole community.

In establishing the Panel in 2008, the Safer Neighbourhood Team consulted Winchester Town Forum, which is quasi Town or Parish Council for the unparished area of Winchester town centre and is run by Winchester City Council.

The area of Beats 1, 2, 3 and 7 cover the six District Council wards of the Winchester Town Forum.  At the start of each municipal year, the Forum appoints one City Councillor (plus a deputy) from each of the six wards to the Safer Neighbourhood Panel.

The City Councillors for the Ward of St Johns and All Saints chose to appoint representatives of local community groups, rather than themselves to the Panel, and these currently are representatives from the Highcliffe Community Action Group and Winnall Residents’ Association.

Beats 3 and 7 include geographical areas which extend beyond the Town Forum’s area, so to comment on these Beats, representatives of Littleton and Harestock Parish Council and Olivers Battery Parish Council attend the Panel.

New nominations to the Panel will be determined by the Chairman of the Winchester Town Forum, a representative from the Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Winchester City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Communities and Safety.

Appointments to the Panel should be reviewed at the start of each Municipal Year (usually May) by each of the Groups and bodies that send representatives to the Panel.

Although members of the Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams will attend the meetings, they do so only to provide information and have no voting rights in the identification of the Panel’s priorities.

2011/12 Membership of the Panel:

Chairman: Councillor Nelmes
Vice Chairman: Councillor Pearce

Representatives appointed by Winchester Town Forum
St Barnabas Ward - Cllr Witt (deputy Cllr Berry)
St Bartholomew - Cllr Nelmes
St John and All Saints - Highcliffe Community Action Group (Ms Austin), and Winnall Residents Association
(Ms Cutler)
St Lukes - Cllr Scott (deputy Cllr Prowse)
St Michaels - Cllr Mather (deputy Cllr Sanders)
St Pauls - Cllr Pearce (deputy Cllr Love)

Representative appointed by Littleton and Harestock Parish Council: Mr Parker
Representative appointed by Olivers Battery Parish Council: Mrs Collins

Invited as Observers:
Hampshire County Councillors for Eastgate (Cllr Collin), Westgate (Cllr Dickens) and Downlands (Cllr Bailey)


The Panel will be quorate with 5 Members.

Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

At its first meeting of every Municipal Year, the Panel will elect its Chairman and Vice Chairman.  Each Panel member interested in the position should be nominated by another member of the Panel and then seconded by a further member.  On there being multiple applicants, there will be a vote by all Panel members present and the person with the most votes will be elected.


The Panel will seek to identify its priorities through consensus; however, if necessary each Member of the Panel will have one vote with the Chairman retaining the power of the casting vote.

Panel Members should only vote on the priorities on the Beat areas they represent.  Whilst the Chairman would not normally vote on Beat areas they do not personally represent, the Chairman can be called upon to use their casting vote where necessary.

Disclosure of Information

The Panel should not receive nor seek information which identifies any person as a victim, offender or witness or contain private details about any person.  However, beyond this, Panel members are encouraged to act as conduits for information and views between the Panel and their local communities.

Public Participation

Members of the public and observers are welcome to attend meetings of the Panel as observers and can address the meeting on relevant issues at the start of the meeting only at the Chairman’s discretion.  Each speaker will be asked to keep their representations to under three minutes. 


Minutes and administration of the Panel will be taken by the Democratic Services Team from Winchester City Council.  These will record the names of those present, the agreed priorities and the reasons for the decisions made.  Within ten working days of the meeting, a draft minute of the Panel meeting will be available by clicking on the dates on the right.

The Panel will have the opportunity to formally approve minutes at the next available meeting.

Conduct of Panel Members

Members of the Panel will be expected to treat each other and anyone who is attending a Panel meeting with respect.  Any failure to abide by this principle could result in a termination of Panel membership if more than two-thirds of those members present vote accordingly.

Failure to attend consecutive meetings over a six month period without an apology may also result in a review of that member’s participation on the Panel.  Membership can be terminated if more than two-thirds of those members present vote accordingly.

Timetable for Scheduled Meetings

A list of meeting dates can be found on the right hand side of this page.

Disabled Access

Disabled access is available, but please phone Winchester City Council beforehand on 01962 848 264 or email democracy@winchester.gov.uk to make the necessary arrangements.

Terms of Reference

To be community representatives and to identify issues of local concern, which have an impact on fear of crime or the quality of life in an area.

Anything sub-judice or relating solely to an individual case will not be considered.

For further information about the Panel please contact

Colin Veal, Democratic Services, Winchester City Council, 01962 848 438 cveal@winchester.gov.uk

Other useful contacts:

Hampshire Constabulary’s Winchester Safer Neighbour Teams:
Telephone: 0845 045 4545

Winchester City Council’s Community Safety Team
Sandra Tuddenham: 01962 848 132

You can contact the City Council's members on the Safer Neighbourhood Panel from the links below:-

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