Overview & Scrutiny

Councillors and Committees

The Overview and Scrutiny function in local government offers even more opportunity for the City Council to improve the quality of life of its residents.

The Local Government Act 2000 required all councils in England and Wales to introduce new political structures which provide a clear role for the Council, the Executive and non-executive Councillors. This meant that Winchester City Council established a Cabinet system as the Executive to manage the Council's business. One of the key roles for the non-Cabinet Councillors became to undertake an overview and scrutiny role for the Council. The Council therefore has established The Overview and Scrutiny Committee to ensure that Councillors can:

  • hold Portfolio Holders to account for the services within their areas of responsibility
  • contribute to the development of key Council policies and programmes
  • challenge decisions made by Cabinet or Portfolio Holders
  • review the overall benefit to the public from services provided by the City Council and other organisations

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is the main way by which the Cabinet is held to account in public for the services the City Council provides. At the heart of its work is the consideration of what impact the Cabinet's policies and plans will have on the communities of Winchester District and ensuring that the right decisions are taken in the first place.

The Good Scrutiny Guide sets out the role of overview and scrutiny in more detail - which is currently being revised.