City Councillors


The political make-up of the Council is as follows:

Conservatives - 33
Liberal Democrats - 22
Labour - 2

TOTAL - 57

Portfolio Holders

  • Cllr Stephen Godfrey  – Leader and Portfolio Holder for Finance and Corporate Policy: Policy and Projects; Financial Services; Revenues and Benefits; Information Management and Technology
  • Cllr Vicki Weston - Portfolio Holder for Service Delivery: Organisational Development; Legal and Democratic Services; Corporate Communications; Business Management
  • Cllr James Byrnes - Portfolio Holder for Local Economy: Economy and Arts; Tourism; Parking; Community Grants
  • Cllr Caroline Horrill - Portfolio Holder for Housing Services: Housing Services; New Homes Delivery
  • Cllr Steve Miller - Portfolio Holder for Estates: Estates
  • Cllr Frank Pearson - Portfolio Holder for Environment, Health and Wellbeing: Environmental Health and Licensing; Environment Contract; Landscape and Open Spaces; Street Care; Health and Wellbeing; Community Safety and Neighbourhood Services; Traffic Transport and Engineering; Sport and Physical Activity
  • Cllr Mike Read - Portfolio Holder for Built Environment: Development Management; Strategic Planning; Building Control; Historic Environment

Who is my Councillor?

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